Monday, January 19, 2009

The Selk'Bag and Daft Punk

When Rodrigo Alonso designed his Selk'Bag three years ago no one really thought it would reach production phase.
But what is the Selk'Bag actually? It's a sleepbag-suit or: a sleepbag that has to be worn.

It's yellow, it keeps you warm in cold nights but it also looks terribly goofy. This last reason clearly wasn't an argument for British outdoor firm Lippi, they have a Selk'Bag product line. The different types of bags are for sale online.

Now, the name Rodrigo Alonso may sound familiar to you. That's because SuperForster Niki briefly mentioned one of his works in a post about trash and recycling. (The lamp at the bottom is Alonso's).

But what's got a sleepbag-suit got to do with Daft Punk you may be asking yourself.
A while ago a youtube user created a video, named Daft Hands. It was a direct hit and many alike vids followed. But that's old news. What isn't old (youtube) news is Daft Body. In short it's two dudes wearing a Selk'Bag performing a robot-dance on Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.

Here it is.

Hereby I officially promote the Selk'Bag to multi-purpose. Because it keeps you warm in cold nights, allows you to do the funniest dances and gives you the best costume for Halloween!

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