Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cast off your watches!

Hello everyone!

I've had a revelation and thus had the overwhelming urge to share it with you. I recently returned to work after a two-week break over the festive season. Although I didn't travel to a exciting/exotic/breathtaking holiday destination, I had the time of my life (which tends to happen during holidays) and I think I've just gathered why. I very rarely (if at all on some days) checked to see the time. I just lived from morning to night, going about my business and catching up with friends and family, without caring to know the time. Now, this reminded me of a passage I once read that talks about timelessness being one of the features of happiness. It certainly struck a chord, hence I've italicised the bits that bowled me over.

"Before time was promoted to a primary guiding force, people's lives had a distinct orientation in the present. With little more than the sun as a rough guide to phases of day and season, this timeless fabric enabled spontaneous engagement with the moment. It enhanced sensation and fostered a crisp awareness of the immediate surroundings. Very importantly, it allowed people to fully experience a wide range of emotions, including happiness.

Research shows that people living in future-oriented cultures have higher average stress and anxiety levels than cultures that are more present-orientated. This is because living in the moment offers greater predictability and control, as well as more certainty about one's own experiences. On the other hand, the future is always a gamble. Its unpredictability locks future-orientated people into a state of tension as they blow in the winds of uncertainty and far-flung hopes." In Search of Happiness, by John F. Schumaker

As a side note, I tend to believe that being silly also pertains to being happy.

Me, on holiday, pretending a slice of watermelon is my smile.


jaell said...

i like this idea. it also gives me good reason to not always be punctual. I live in the moment. I'll get there when i get there :)

jackson said...

I just noticed the cute doggie hiding behind you, waiting for someone to drop their melon.
Keep an eye on that there doggie.