Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Save-A-Seed Coalition is Growing Like a Weed!

Good Morning SuperForest!!

Two very exciting things:

The first round of bloggers have answered the call and joined the Save-A-Seed Coalition!
The SASC now includes:

SuperForester Leigh from betweenthemoonandthesea!
SuperForester Maaja from eyelashkiss!
SuperForester Sonja over at SilverJewelry!
SuperForester Jenn over at Chucka Stone Designs!
SuperForester Lindsay from lindsayisobsessed!
SuperForester Mimi from Everyday is a Saturday!
SuperForester Cliff from Cliff's Riffs!

These seven bloggers plus Team SuperForest equals 17 bloggers and more than 20 blogs.

20 blogs joined, 30 to go.

Join the fun!

If you're a true "modern environmentalist," then you thrive on fun, and this is heaps of it.

And the second thing is that none other than SuperForester Christine (!) is going to give our little Save-A-Seed logo the once over. This is truly exciting news. Christine is the most amazingly talented artist. Check out Christine's site.

Hmmmmm. Maybe we can convince Christine to mention Save-A-Seed on spookoo.com? And, if she'd post on spookoo, would she also post on her two other sites?

We could already be at 23 blogs?.....

Ha ha ha! Fun!

Much love,

Team SuperForest


spoon said...

That is awesome! I love Christine's work and I can't wait to see what she does with the logo.

Neal Spinler said...

blogged. glad i can help.

jackson said...

thank you, Neal. Glad to have you play along with us.