Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Howdy SuperForesters!

Matthew Inman created this helpful “How to” guide on how to better understand the actions (and motivations behind those actions) of our furry friends. Check it out, here are some signs to look out for just in case you have always been wondering if your cat is plotting a treasonous plan to dispose of you. Apparently, this is something a lot of people out there stay up all night worrying about so I hope this helps.

Thanks Matthew, I don't have a cat but next time I encounter one I'll be sure to look out for these signs. You can never be too careful. The complete guide can be found here!

Have a Lovely Day!



jaell said...


Megan said...

did you find this on stumble upon? it's great. my cat is definitely trying to kill me.

carla said...

I've actually never been on stumbleupon's site but I hear it’s great. The manner in which I usually find stuff involves a complicated crossing of links and websites which becomes difficult to trace. In the end, I like to think the sites find me. Glad you enjoyed it though Megan and about your cat, well at least you know the signs and can be better prepared for the next strike. haha

Jenn said...

This is hilarious! And scarily accurate.