Monday, January 5, 2009

How to be a Gentleman (or Lady)

For Christmas this year I received several books from my father. At first glance (I will be honest), they looked awfully boring. But being the bookworm that I am, I had to read at least a little bit before I could pass judgment.

Boy was I wrong.

The books in question are a series of small readings that give lessons on how to be more like a gentleman in your daily living. At first I thought, "Why would I need this? I don't go to fancy balls or dress in tuxedos." But soon I realized what these books were really trying to teach.

The back of the covers read,
"A gentleman is someone who makes others feel comfortable. Good manners is simply a matter of common sense and courtesy."


"Being a gentleman means being there when you are needed and knowing when you are not needed. It means knowing what to say and knowing when to say nothing at all. Being a gentleman is about making the world a nicer place for other people."
Sounds a bit like our Humanifesto, don't it?

The titles of the books vary depending on what exactly your looking for, but include "How to be a Gentleman," "As a Gentleman Would Say," and "50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know."

I am currently reading the second from that list. As a Gentleman Would Say offers advice on how to respond or conduct oneself when speaking to another. Some of it's advice is common sense, such as:

"A gentleman never asks a woman if she is pregnant" and, "a gentleman never talks with his mouth full"

While some of the advice actually make you think, like:

"A gentleman takes no part in petty arguments over important topics. Instead, he takes action to bring about change."

And ladies, do not think that the gentlemen have forgotten you! They have the same exact line of books, but with "Lady" replacing "Gentleman" on the cover.

I love how the authors write these. They clearly explain that being a Gentleman (or Lady) does not mean being rich, snobby, well-to-do, etc. Rather, it means conducting oneself to bring about a positive change in everyone you meet.

If your interested, click around Amazon for the right Gentleman or Lady book for you.

Happy (Belated?) 2009!



Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Happy New Year at SuperForest!
I wish so many more people could have access to these books;
read them, understand what's within and the practise in every day life what they have learnt - what a wonderful place the world would be..!
Thanks for sharing..:)

Fri said...

wow! such a great book!
i wish i could get one :)