Sunday, January 18, 2009

Upcoming Deliciousness!

Good Morning SuperForest!

We've got a lot of fun things coming up in the week to come:

SuperForester Jackson is heading down the Washington D.C. to cover the inauguration of someone named Barrock Owbamma (or something like that..)

The SuperForest blog is going to be moving from blogger to wordpress. (More on that later...)

SuperForester Jordan will be finishing up his series of posts from this years Consumer Electronics Show. (Here are parts one and two.)

New SuperForest Comics! (Here are some older ones: Cell Phones, Youtuber, Hare Removal, Ticklish.)

Thrilling new tales of sustainable adventuring!

Save-A-Seed growth and wonderful developments! 30 blogs and counting!...

So, if you like your content elevating, your discussions tantalizing, and your DIY extra informative, read SuperForest every day.

Better yet, set SuperForest as your homepage!

Have an excellent day.


(excellent top image via flickr user katarina 2353)

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