Thursday, January 15, 2009

SuperForest Slang: Consent Pranking

Hello All,

I was just thinking about Socialtaire and the way it adds an interesting spin to the concept of pranking. In my youth, pranking was what I lived for, but too often the pranking got out of hand and feelings were hurt, or eggs were needlessly tossed.

So the idea of a game based around a form of "Consent Pranking" in which the pranked party agrees to be pranked (i.e. Mountain Catted) in the hunt for lulz, is a very interesting new twist.

And because the name of the game is to get your opponent to laugh, the better the prank, the higher the chance for sincere peals of endless laughter following the reveal.


I hereby challenge any comer to a game of Socialtaire.
My headshot is ready, my wacom stylus is poised, and P'shop is running.

Who wants a taste?

I trust you completely.



spoon said...


I think you are just trying to find excuses to post my MC'd photo all over SuperForest :D

Maaja said...

I'm so in! (but my photoshop is messed up and i have to get a new one)
and LOL at what spoon said=]