Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Socialtaire: "We do it for the lulz"

This image is none other than SuperForester Spoon. As you can see, Spoon has been Mountain Catted, (or MC'd.) This is because Spoon is playing Socialtaire.

This is how you play Socialtaire:

"We do it for the lulz"

Instructions: The object of the game is to your opponent laugh so hard they cry.

Set up: Socialtaire is played via instant messaging conversation between two or more individuals.

Playing the game: In order to commence the game properly and officially, a three part process must occur:

1 .) The Challenge:
One player types, "I challenge you to a game of socialtaire!"
Player two responds with one of two possible answers... "Affirmative!" or, to player one's dismay "negative" (a "negative" response is not recommended, the object of the game is to make the other person cry but it is important to emphasize that the tears should flow as a result of laughter or pure bliss rather than as a result of rejection or hurt feelings.)

2.) The Pledge:
Both players look each other straight in the eye and establish a state of trust.

Player One: "I trust you completely"
Player Two: "I trust you completely"

3.) Initiation:
Formal initiation of socialtaire begins when both players simultaneously type:"Game ON!"

Now both players are ready to swap headshots of themselves for the other player to deface.
Both players get to work by quickly resizing/editing the pictures in a way that is both creative and funny. The challenge is in adding the "Mountain Cat-Element."

The more hilariously one can incorporate MC's into an image, the higher the chance of lulz. Lulz is laughter.

Once the Mountain Catting has been completed, players post the altered photographs on facebook, flickr, or email them to each other.

Upon receiving the exchanged photograph, the fun begins, the laughter erupts, and if lucky, tears well up.

The round ends when one player states "Your lulz are far too supreme for me."

Point Distribution:
After any given round, the lulz are tallied and each player awards his or her opponent a reasonable amount of lulz, feeling free to liberally apply hidden bonus multipliers and the like.

Here is the point conversion chart:

1,000,000 lulz = 1 frog
10 frogs = The Universe is Yours

(The image that started it all.)

Upon receiving 10 frogs, you will have reached nirvana, a place free from fear, doubt and pain. You will become a being of pure light, radiating love to every molecule in the universe.

It is a highly lulzy game.


Here is the Socialtaire Flickr set.

If you'd like to join in the fun, send you images of your Mountain Catted friends to superforestnyc(at)gmail(dot)com.


jackson said...

I'm like delirious from laughing at the "kitten does push ups" image of Spoon.

jaell said...

so... is the mountain cat thing a requirement? cuz someone did an awesome picture of me with a praying mantis... made me lulz!

Maaja said...

omg! the last one is so funny! i'm so gonna send a pic soon, hahaha

spoon said...

This stuff is way too funny...I can't stop laughing.

carla said...

The Spoon picture is CLASSIC, it will go into the archives of SuperForest Hall of Fame.