Saturday, January 10, 2009

DIY: How to say I love you

Hello SuperForest,
I found this lovely video on YouTube today and thought I'd share it with you all. "Nicola is sitting on a bench reading a book* when she is approached by Sam, an intrusive boy who strikes up an unusual and intimate conversation with her. The film identifies Nicola and Sams mutual feelings of lonliness and isolation, which partly stems from being part of a generation that would rather communicate through the internet than in person." (Taken from YouTube)

Written by Hayley Stuart
Directed by Hayley Stuart/Francesca Sophia
Sound by Ian Kirton

Have a wonderful weekend,


carla said...

LOVE!!! What a thought provoking video. I too have been noticing how the more recent generations are almost becoming more hesitant to have real face to face confrontations with others. It's almost as if they'd prefer text messaging over speaking over the telephone. An interesting phenomenon. The video presents such a fresh approach. Thanks for sharing! Very Cute.

jaell said...

i will say that i feel uncomfortable getting to know someone in person. i think that many of my close friendships were grown over the internet, even if i knew these people in person.

its too bad, really.