Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SuperForest Celebrities: Casey Brooks - Phantom Sea

I wanna rap in y'all's ears for a second about a truly amazing man: Mr. Casey T. Brooks.

Casey is a Brooklyn musician and longtime friend of SuperForest. He's got a project called Balene and is about to release his first album.

Take a gander at this:

A very nice promo, no?

What I really like about Casey is that he wrote and recorded the songs, shot and edited the promo, and is now on the verge of enacting his plans for releasing said album, which he is doing in a very modern way.

Instead of printing the usual couple hundred cd's, Casey is selling vinyl records, and each record coming with a code that allows you to download the album as mp3's. Smartilocks and the three bears.

He's a one man DefJam!

SuperForest recently scored an interview with Mr. Brooks. Let's hear what he has to say:

Nicey nice, Mr. Brooks!

Phantom Sea is set to drop in a month or so. We'll keep you posted.

Casey T. Brooks, you are a SuperForest Celebrity!

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jaell said...

smartilocks.... hehe that makes me giggle.