Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Filippo Minelli

Here at SuperForest we are admirers of street art, good street art in particular.
A while ago I visited the homepage of the Italian conceptual artist Filippo Minelli and I must that I'm very impressed. In an interesting manner he combines the digital word and the real world. Take a look at what he did to the wall separating Israel and Palestine.

For the people who have spent their entire lives on Macintosh computers: 'CTRL + ALT + DELETE' is Windows-slang for 'stop this ill-considered process'. What Minelli is obviously trying to say here is: "tear this thing down, and be quick, eh".

I find it fascinating to see someone combine the fast, digital, computer world that we live in today with the somewhat less digital, 'realer' world.
Minelli did something comparable in Cambodia, there he heavily made use of the Web 2.0 concept.

It's part of his series named Contradictions, and I think the contradiction here is very clear.
In our Western world every toddler has got their own space on the internet but in places like Cambodia people sometimes don't even have their own space in the physical world.

Not all of Filippo Minelli's works are as issue-related as the above examples, nonetheless they're all worthwhile to look at. Visit his website for his portfolio and some more information on the man himself (the one-line-character series are worth taking a look at in particular).