Sunday, January 4, 2009

Can We All Become Human Calculators? Arthur Benjamin and the Calculator Kids

Hello All,

Okay, first watch this.

After seeing the way these children can quickly calculate massive sums solely by visualizing an abacus, one would think that with the necessary drive and enough practice anyone could learn this skill.

One wonders what other delightful mental tricks we'd be capable of, if we found the right way to visualize them.

If you liked the first video, you'll flip over this one:

Awesome, no?

Here's Arthur Benjamin's website.
His book - "Secrets of Mental Math"
Ooooooh ooo! "Secrets of Mental Math" for the Kindle.
And here is the abacus wiki.

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julius said...

Cookie-fishing? Awesome indeed!
That man is a genius (and he's got an infinitely cool cumberband).