Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amsterdam Reduces It's Own Carbon Footprint

For the past few years everyone from every single direction has been shouting at us that we should reduce our carbon footprint. But what about the government? municipalities? cities?
The Dutch capital of Amsterdam took a step in the right direction.

flickr image by francescomontalbano

So what happened?

Recently the city council and a few other parties managed to agree upon a new concept. "City Cargo". This is all about using the current tram-tracks (for people unfamiliar with trams: a tram is a sort of a train but then riding on the street) for cargo. Today there is a load of small companies situated in Amsterdam who all get their deliveries done by polluting Diesel vans. In the future this cargo shipment should be done by the trams. Which is great since trams use electricity and thus don't contribute to a bad quality of air in the city center.

Furthermore the schedule of the new cargo-trams has been created in such a way that they don't interfere with the passenger trams. Amsterdam is such a great place.



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