Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hotel Experimenta

A hotel usually gives you everything you need to get through your day. A bed, a bathroom and preferably a bit of food. So theoretically you don't have to get out of the hotel building to survive.

With this idea Dutch designer Jan Konings created Hotel Experimenta. It's consists out of just one room, but that one room has a view.

What appears to be a blue/green colored box with a vague purpose turns out to be a hotel. As Konings himself calls it "an inverted hotel", you can't stay in to get your breakfast; you have to get out.
The moment you make your reservation for Hotel Experimenta the streets turn into the hotel corridors, the city becomes the lobby and the city's inhabitants facilitate the activities and guest services.

As it's name says, Hotel Experimenta is an experience. It's part of a design exhibition in Amsterdam which is stretched throughout the city, and reservations are welcome until 2 November.


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