Monday, September 15, 2008

EcoSystems - Furniture for Environmental Harmony (Right in Brooklyn!)

Hello All!

I was recently lucky enough to make the acquaintance of SuperForester Matt Tyson. Matt happens to run and co-own a very cool company out in Brooklyn called EcoSystems.

I checked out their site, and EcoSystems has it going on.


"Bamba's seat, back and arms are cut from the sides that support the chair. This nearly eliminates production waste for the structure of the chair. Utilizing the same Alpha collection hardware, it is a snap to put together, no tools required. It also packs into itself for shipping, minimizing both the material needed and the size of the package."

Their Bamba chairs are made out of bamboo, with easily recycled aluminum hardware and natural latex cushions. Triple smart!

EcoSystems is a smart young company. If you need some furniture, or an entire room scheme, get in touch with these cats and tell 'em that SuperForest sent ya!

You'll be doing everyone a world of good.

Out and about in beautiful Brooklyn? Stop by EcoSystems.

33 Flatbush Avenue
7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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