Monday, September 15, 2008

Solar Awnings = Smart!

An idea so simple and effective it boggles the mind that it's not in wide-spread use.


Solar panel + window = solar awning.

Like all good ideas, the solar awning works on multiple levels.

Say you have a window that faces South. Throughout the day, the sunlight will come through that window, heating the interior of your home. That's fine and good for Winter months, but hot Summer sun can lead to overuse of AC and many kilowatts down the drain.

Enter the solar awning.
Positioned above your window, the solar awning not only collects sunlight and turns it into usable power, it also reduces the amount of direct light entering your living space.

Translation: You stay cooler and use less power while still getting nice light.

Blinds, curtains and shades all share one big drawback: they are inside the window. Meaning that they get hit by the sun and get hot, radiating that heat into your situation. The idea is to stop the direct light before it enters your room. Which is why you always see shutters on old houses.

Passive cooling y'all!

Shade makes such a difference.




Use your noggin, put up some solar awnings this very day.


Team SuperForest

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