Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SuperForester Cassie Presents: Bento Box Ring and Cute Cookery!

This just came in from the incandescent, unstoppable SuperForester Cass, (she of the mighty Gravel and Gold blog!) Absorb!

"Hiya Jack!

SuperForest is looking super great! I love your alphabet for peace drawings.
Also, I for one would buy the T-shirt for sure. And I would really, really buy the hoodie.

We had fantastic travels and it was good to take a break from it all, but so good to come home.
And now that we're home, we can get down to the vital business of eating lots of sushi. It seems that no matter where I travel--even to France, the very heart of gourmand rapture--all I crave, seek, downright require is Japanese food. Which got me to thinking....Surely your devoted SuperForesters would agree that nothing covers the Japanese/lunchtime sustainability bases like a hearty bento box. So then, a this-and-that celebration of the ultimate this-and-that apparatus, the mighty bento box:

For a truly tiny bit of this-and-that on the go, it's wise to pack an itty-bitty snack in your essential bento box ring, from the excellent CRAFT blog.

For an awesome kick in the the creativity pants, be inspired by the daily outpouring of one mother's love, creativity, and bento artistry to be found on e-bento. Edible froggies, and octopi, and samurai, Oh my!

To join the whole universe of daily bento blogging, check in with one of the many suggested at cookingcute.com!

If it's the bento accoutrements, (say a hand carved and lacquered Japanese elm bento box,) rather than the contents therein that really get you a-drooling, justbento.com has what you're after.

Might there be something for SuperForest here?

Hope you are very well indeed.


Indeed there is! Thank you so much for the post!


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