Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The CAPtivate Lamp

It's a fact that only 5.5% of plastic bottles used in Great Britain are recycled. This is a pity since the plastics can be reused. Reused can be in a consumer way, like taking the bottle in, melting it and making a new bottle out of it. But reused can also be to use it in for instance an art project.

And this last thing was done in an excellent way by British design corporation LulaDot. This is the CAPtivate Lamp.

The entity has been made out of, indeed, bottle caps. But there's more.

The lamp is available online through LulaDot's website. For a mere 115 GBP it's yours (roughly that's $207). But when you get the lamp all the tops aren't screwed on the lamp. LulaDot gives you about 40 tops to screw on but the rest you'll have to collect yourself. And here comes the great part, the color of the tops creates the color that the light will have.

For example, if you screw on a load of orange Fanta tops the light will become orange. If you choose for Coca-Cola-red the light will become red, and so on.
The great part is that the end user determines how the product looks and can customize it in unlimited ways.


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jackson said...

What a totally awesome lamp!
The bottles into lamps ideas has been around for a while, but this design is gorgeous, and if you've got the means, we'd highly suggest picking one up.

If 200 smackers is a bit steep for you, here's an instructable on making a similar lamp at home.

Simply combine this instructable: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/06/milk_bottle_lamps.html

With this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Toilet-paper-roll---lamp/

And there you have it.