Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Stop Shopping for "Safe" Plastics!

Good Morning,

Thanks to DailyCandy, I was made aware of an online shop that only carries plastic products that are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free!

It's called The Soft Landing. It is a family run business that was started by a retired nurse and mother of three. Every mom knows the value of a one stop shopping experience. She carries all the bottles, food containers, toothbrushes, sippy cups, and teething toys from all of my favorite brands that I had to go to several different shops to find. I wish I knew about The Soft Landing before, but now I'm glad I do.

She also carries this Rubber Duck and Giraffe that I have made of natural latex rubber. It's hard to find a Rubber Duck that isn't vinyl, so this is a great find! And Sophie, the Giraffe, was Ethan's favorite toy for a long time!

Thanks for the tip Daily Candy and thanks to Soft Landing for making shopping a little easier.

Happy Thursday!


(Follow up: SuperForester Jordan asked me what I meant by "Safe" plastics. Check out National Geographics, The Green Guide, which explains in more depth (and really clearly breaks it down) about which plastics are considered safer than others in regards to food storage. Also, Jordan, have you read my post from Time Magazine, The Truth About Plastic? I link to a girl who is trying to eliminate the use of plastic from her life too-you might dig her: Check out her Life Less Plastic blog. )


jordan said...

What a great resource! After learning about the Pacific Trash Vortex, I decided to commit myself to a plastic free existence. This means I don't have to. And I've been needing a new milk bottle!

Now I wish I knew more about safe plastics, and what that means... can you teach me?

Alicia @ The Soft Landing said...

Hi Niki,

I just had to tell you how excited I was to come across your fantastic highlight of our business!! I really appreciate you taking the time to create such a great-looking and informational post about us.

Keep up the great work educating people on resourceful living :)