Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The white stuff

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have revealed a research paper that explores a too-easy way to help cool the planet and reverse global warming. And that is? Paint your roof white. Because white is a good reflector of heat, your newly painted roof will help create a cooling effect. The scientists who came up with the simple yet super idea suggest that the average 1000 square-foot roof could potentially offset 10 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

If major cities in tropical and temperate zones made an effort to employ paler roofs, the authors of the study estimate, this could offset more atmospheric carbon dioxide than the world emits in a year. The scientists hope to persuade the United Nations to help get the world's cities to go white.

Should that fail, we could always try this...

Thanks to EarthFirst and The Great Beyond for the heads up. Thanks to Inhabitat for the image.

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