Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The IV-1 Plastic Bike

I've seen bikes made from cardboard, bikes with cool LED's and bikes with very cool transmissions. But as far as my memory goes I've never seen a bike made from plastic. Recycled plastic to be more specific.
This is the IV-1 prototype by Matt Clark.

Matt Clark is one of the few very bright designers who think before they do. When designing the IV-1 Clark kept the (costs of the) production process, material costs and the environment in the back of his mind. The bike is intended for mass production and can be assembled without screws. Yes, the plastic is constructed in such a way that the entity can be clicked together.

The plastic parts may look a bit weak. It's plastic though. But in fact the parts are built up of triangles, which gives a tremendous amount of sturdiness to the vehicle.

The IV-1 seems a great way to commute to work the healthy way and in the same time go easy on the environment. The best part is that the designer kept mass production in the back of his mind, so this could be just around the corner.

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