Thursday, September 25, 2008

SuperForester Savannah's Music Column: G Love and BeGreen!

Hello All!

We're very proud to present the first of (hopefully many) SuperForester Savannah's music columns! Savannah is out there finding the best and brightest in music and posting it to SF.

Here we go!

I finally made it!!!! Helllllloooooo SuperForest! Such a privilege to finally be chilling with my bro Jackson and all our our super fantastic SuperForest friends.

What am I doing here you may ask? Well for starters I'd like to make your ears smile!! Or your eyes dance! Or your feet talk! Music is my bag kiddies so sit back and relax while we do it to your eardrums! SuperForester Savvy has many cool things to share however I figured I'd start with what I know best.

But where to start I have been asking myself the last week? What shall I play first? Who shall I present for your listening and viewing pleasure? The answer became very clear the other day and it was inspired by Jackson's Peace Alphabet.

For the past month SuperForest has been rockin' the peace vibe to the supreme extreme and it couldn't come at a better time. It made me think of another friend who took his message of Peace, Love, and Happiness to the airwaves this summer.

G Love and Special Sauce, one of my all time favorites, got funky on their new single bringing a fresh modern take on the ideals so many of our parents stood for and they didn't even wear flowers in their hair (although that might have looked pretty). Besides the fact that the video is rad and takes place hovering over the city of Los Angeles which is oh so lovely from above I wanted to shout out G Love for another reason.....he is oh so SuperForest.

As an artist he is continually committed to making a difference. This year he teamed up with BeGreen in order to work at offsetting the carbon footprint of his very busy touring schedule. BeGreen offers many ways for us as individuals to calculate and offset our own carbon footprints. Their parent company Green Mountain Energy has been the nation's leading clean energy provider for nearly a decade. So they've got they knowledge and the know how.

G Love and BeGreen created their own site so you can learn about their combined efforts, or check out to explore all that BeGreen itself has to offer. Gooooooo G! Hope you enjoy the hot beats kiddies! Wishing you all peace, love, and happiness!!!!



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