Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Superforest Book Club

Speaking of books and Kinship with all life...

This novel is essentially a running dialogue between a (yes, I'm saying this correctly) telepathic gorilla, and an Average Joe Schmoe. If you can get past that odd premise (and it took me a minute to do so), you'll find yourself thrust into an engaging, challenging discourse on the evolution and mythology of mankind and the resultant course we've set for ourselves and our planet.

As silly as it sounds, it's surprisingly refreshing to find yourself put on the spot by a 600 lb gorilla, even if he is fictional.

This book was certainly a mind-opener for me, and for several of the high school students I taught. Even those who disliked seem affected (or at least engaged) by the resulting lively debates. Now I invite you to buy it, read it, and discuss amongst yourself (or here in the comment boards on Superforest!)

Find it here at Amazon. And enjoy!

Always merry and bright!


spoon said...

Oh my! I love the sound of this...I will have it in my hands before weeks' end.

I also love the idea of SuperForest Book Club!

p.j. said...

Hi there Jordan,

I am intrigued.
I am all for gorillas, telepathy, and average joes.

I also like this idea of a SF book club.

Count me in.

I will be sure to comment once I have read the book in it's entirety.

thanks for sharing!


troubletravelsfast said...

I too love the idea of a book club.