Friday, September 26, 2008

War is Over - A Clarification

Good Morning SuperForest,

Jackson here.

I owe you all an apology. Yesterday I posted the "War is Over (Via NASCAR & Coors Light!)" post as if I had found it online and was simply passing it along, where in fact I created it myself, and put it up as if it were real.

This is why...

For me, there is nothing more exciting and amazing than the transmission of ideas. Ideas are our main currency here at SF, and we try to find the best, brightest, shiniest ideas and pass them along to you, so that you can form your own ideas, and we can all grow together.

Yesterday I made a mis-step. I was not thinking that many would think that the ad was real. I incorrectly assumed that people knew about John & Yoko's worldwide campaign for Peace, which is what the whole thing was based on.

Here's the story: In December of 1969, John and Yoko purchased ad space on billboards in more than eleven cities worldwide. The cities included New York, Tokyo, Rome, Athens, Amsterdam, London and Toronto. The billboards simply read: "War is Over! If You Want It. Happy Christmas from John & Yoko."

I look to John Lennon a great deal for inspiration and guidance, and in reflecting on his ethos of Peace branding I thought: "Well, it's fine and good for a bearded, anti-establishment hippie to buy ads for Peace and promote it. But how powerful would it be if major corporations also took a stand for Peace?" And why wouldn't they?

Then I thought how fun it would be to subvert the whole "Red state/Blue state, Us/Them" mentality by having the ads come from companies that one would assume to be "Pro-war."

Now, I have no idea what Coors Light and NASCAR think about war and Peace. (Hopefully they are interested in Peace because it makes sound economic sense.) I chose them because in my mind they served as good examples of "Red state corporations."

The very idea of "Red and Blue corporations" is too big to get into in this post.

The issue here is that I should have presented my idea in the context of: "Wouldn't it be amazing if this happened? Wouldn't this be extraordinary to see?" Instead, I succumbed to my impish desire to prank and provoke. (And I forgot that most of our lovely readers we probably born after 1969.)

This is a matter of trust. When you read something on SuperForest, I want you to know that it can be trusted, that WE can be trusted.

What I find wonderful about SuperForest is our transparency, meaning that what we do and what we say are in line. We have no need to hide in the shadows, we can dance in the sun.

Love to All,


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