Thursday, September 18, 2008

The DutchTub

Did you ever took a hike in the mountains and, while hiking, thought: "Oh boy, I wish I had a hot tub within reach now!"

In the rare case you did the DutchTub is probably a good solution.

Under the motto of "boundless bathing" the Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek designed this special tub. So, how does one realize "boundless bathing"?

The DutchTub is basically half of a sphere to which you can connect your garden hose. You turn the hose on and the bath is filled with cold water. You get some wood, stuff it in the destined compartment and set it on fire. Around this fireplace there's a spiraling pipe containing the water from the tub. Due to physical liquid laws the cold water comes in at the bottom, is heated, spirals up and enters the tub again.

With two and a half hours of warming-up time the tub hasn't been designed for hasty bathers. The tub is available for a rough €4450 (which should be about $6400) and comes in six colors.


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