Friday, September 26, 2008

The Vieger House

Hiya! Recently my wife and I got an older house in a neat-o neighborhood built in 1957. We were blessed with the chance to renovate it and turn it into something spectacular. With this great opportunity came an important and fun responsibility of making sure the final product was something not only built with environmental awareness and efficiency in mind while it was being built but also in it's use, everyday. We kept blue orby care, enjoyment and living all in mind.

Here are some products we offered to the house. It accepted!

Ranai Tankless Water Heater

Eurofase Low Voltage Lighting

Kohler Low Flush Toilets

It has "Dual Flush Technology" which includes a 1.6 gpf and also an eco-friendly, 0.8-gallon flush option. The daily devotional derriere domicile saves as much as 6,000 gallons of water annually over a traditional 1.6-gallon toilet. However, we still use the practice, "If it's yellow...

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs 6500 K

K.I.S.S. Below Flow Sprinkler System

Succulents and local grasses

Radiant Barrier Paint and Radiant Barrier Insulation In attic and underneath Pier and beam foundation

Jenn Air Refrigerator-it has an alarm that goes off if the door isn't closed all the way. It says" Hey you! Stretch! Close me, I'm wasting energy! but I still love you"

All the major points of entry front, back and side doors are double sealed. They make a great "Psshhhhhhhunk!" sound when you close them! Ooooooooh space crafty!

And we went with Green Mountain Energy. They would ensure we get our power from wind and solar~ Thank you wind!!!Thank you sun!!!

This whole project has been quite an outstanding sophomore class in building right and right living. We loved it!

and we're getting better at it everyday~




jackson said...

"daily devotional derriere domicile"?

My man, you are the VERY BEST!


spoon said...

Haha I love that phrase! Nice work.