Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mark Khaisman - Tapeworks

He was born in the Ukraine and can be seen as a painter that uses tape instead of paint. I'm talking about the contemporary artist Mark Khaisman.

Ok, well he's not what you'd call the classic painter. He actually puts tape on an illuminous surface (the very same tape used by FedEx for your packages).

That is indeed tape you're seeing. Using the fact that multiple layers of tape let less light through then a single layer Khaisman creates fantastic artworks like the one above.

Khaisman manages to put such an extreme amount of detail in his artworks, which is an astonishing fact, considering that he is restricted to using small rectangles.

As he once said: "Every artist knows, the more restrictions, the better the result." On his website you can find a variety of subjects. Varying from Romans to faces of woman (which remind me remarkably much of Roy Lichtenstein's work).

Anyway, Khaismans work is surely worthwhile.


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Emery said...

wow i like this piece and the quote from this artist. thanks for sharing.