Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christine Norrie's Peace Alphabet!


SuperForester Christine has been inspired by the Peace Alphabet series and is now doing her very own!

Amazing! Just think of what could be accomplished for Peace branding if a number of artists all made 26 attempts at visualizing Peace.

This is just so wonderful, we don't know what to do with ourselves!

Here are her first three letters:

"B" is for Peace.

"H" is for Peace.

"W" is for Peace.

Christine has done such a marvelous job on these. She's really captured something wonderful about Peace, namely: it is sexy as hell.

Peace is sexy. Let's all work together to increase the sexy.

Awesome job, Christine!

Love to All,

Team SuperForest

P.S. Check out Christine's site!


niki said...

Christine--those are awesome! you rock!

Anonymous said...

I really love these.

spoon said...

Wonderful work Christine! I cannot wait to see more.