Friday, September 26, 2008

The Art of Chess

We SuperForesters absolutely adore the game of chess. Strategy, order, gamesmanship. All are represented in "the game of kings."

So we were very excited to read this on notcot:
"DUBLIN—In 2001, the RS&A, a London-based art commissioning company, initiated the ongoing touring exhibition, “The Art of Chess,” featuring work by top international artists using the chess set as inspiration. The show’s latest outing is at Dublin’s Sebastian Guinness Gallery, where all ten sets, plus a newly commissioned 20-minute film by Gavin Turk, are on view through October 9."

London SuperForesters go and see this show! And perhaps be so kind as to snap a few pickies and send them along to:

Check out the rest of the chess boards here.

p.s. For anyone who's into word etymology, the term "Check Mate" comes from the ancient Persian "Shah Mat" which means: "the king is dead." Interesting, no?


spoon said...

I heart chess.

jackson said...

You do? Wanna play sometime?
I'm on yahoo chess.