Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brand Sam Sparro!!!


I just signed onto imeem (because I wanted to listen to Joy Division,) and what did I find there?

Sam Sparro, that's what.

Imagine if MIA's myspace page and Kanye's blog got together and made an Australian/Californian pop-bot, and you've got the tantalizing Mr. Sparro.

Now here is where I'd love to post one of Sam's videos, but unbelievably (totally believably) embedding has been "disabled by request," so I cannot post Sam's excellent music video here.

Believe me, his video is excellent.

It's not often that a banner ad will actually make me stop and look, but this is one of those rare times when geeky glasses, pop colors and an intriguing label (future soul superstar?) combine into one amazing marketing force.

(Hey record labels, if Sam is your "product," and Sam's videos are your "commercials," then by disabling embedding you are simply keeping people from watching your commercials. And thus you move less product.)

This blogger was ready and willing to play your commercial on his blog and you've stopped him from doing it.


Anyways, check Sam out, his branding is excellent and his music ain't half bad either.

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