Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peter Fox - "Alles Neu"

Amazing. Anyone know what he's saying? Sadly, I don't speak German.

Saw it first on Kanye's blog.


spoon said...

Using my very limited German, I think the chorus is similar to this:

"Hey, everything shines, so beautifully new

Hey, if it does not please you, make it new

Here the air is consumed, breathing is hard for me

Bye, I must leave here, the walls are coming in closer

The world is covered with dust, I want to go where it is hinged

To the dirt path on the mountain because up above, fresh wind blows.

Hey, everything shines beautifully new."

So a song about leaving the dirty, dusty world behind for a clean, fresh one! At least that is what I took from it. :)

Anonymous said...

im from germany, and he is talkin about that he wants the world to be a better place and in order to do taht he wants to start a new life.

Anonymous said...


Translation into English (Google translate)