Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Solar Taxi-arriving in DC today!

Hi Everyone,

In 1986 Louis Palmer was 14 and was already trying to figure out how to build a car that did not emit any CO2. He waited almost 20 years, and when there still wasn't a car being manufactured that didn't cause harm to the environment, he decided to go ahead and build one himself. He started building prototypes in 2005 and after a couple years of testing, he is confident that the car he built can make it around the world.

This is a picture of his first drawing, when he was only 14.

On July 3rd 2007 , Louis left Lucerne, Switzerland to drive around the world in a solar powered car.

"Mission Statement

“On 3 July 2007 I set off on my first journey around the world with a solar powered vehicle. Admittedly, as a regular citizen I cannot change the world but I can demonstrate to the world just how dire the global climate situation has become and how many sophisticated solutions to lower the greenhouse gases already exist, which bring with them many other advantages. So that we can have a better world and a more secure future. The solar taxi should rekindle hope and a zest for life, set an example to counteract resignation and stimulate reflection. And show that every single one of us can take a step towards preserving our planet.”

Global warming can be stopped. Solutions are available."

Here is their route:

and this is where they will be for September and the rest of their journey:

They are looking for help along the way. Here is what they need:

You can watch their video blog from their travels and track how they are doing.
Here is the link to their website: SolarTaxi.com for more info.
What an amazing challenge--so cool.

Change is happening and possible!

Happy Travels!

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jordan said...

This is really cool and more inspiring to see the original dream of a child realized as a man. All of these new eco-adventurers are really amazing in their personal efforts to spread a message about sustainability and conservation of our precious planet.

Thanks, you've inspired me to post about some other intrepid travellers!