Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunken Garden Park (Atlanta), Bottle Project!

Good Morning All!

I just read about this great project that is going on in Atlanta right now. It's called the Bottle Project and it was created by artists Craig Dongoski, Pam Longobardi and Joe Peragine.

"Constructed primarily of recycled water bottles, this sculpture creates a larger conversation about the use of water and the public conscious of the current drought in Atlanta. This collaborative project creates a multi-level entry point of education and participation, as well as underscores the power of art to direct social change. In an active collection effort, residents of Atlanta contributed the raw material for this piece by amassing over 5,000 cast-away bottles."
(via Public Broadcasting Atlanta)

This was their proposal drawing, which is also cool:

Pam also has a project of beautiful photographs and a film documenting her going to the shores in Hawaii and collecting debris (mostly plastic) that has been collecting after circulating in the ocean. You can check out all her images at her site here. But here are a few:

Both these projects are fascinating.

For more info:
Take a look at their blog called the Water Bottle Project.
Check out Pam's site for her project Driftwebs.
PBA (Public Broadcasting Atlanta)'s report on the project here.

Side note, these statistics from their blog surprised me:

1 MILLION = number of plastic cups
used on US airline flights

2 MILLION = number of plastic bottles
used in US

60,000= number of plastic bags
used in US

(Side Note: SuperForester Julius reminded me of an artist, Chris Jordan who makes images that depicts our consumption, called Running the Numbers. SuperForester Jackson posted about him on SF, Check it here--his images are startling)

The Bottle Project installation in the park closes this month, so if you are in Atlanta and you've seen it, let us know what you thought!

Don't forget your canvas tote today!



julius said...

Hmm this reminded me of this man.

Chris Jordan, a master at showing the often shocking numbers concerning our consuming patterns.

Jessmindalala said...

Those statistics just made my jaw drop so far it hit my chest...