Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SuperForester Jordan Presents: NUVINCI - Gearless Bicycle Transmission Excellence!


Ok, it's complicated, it's technical, you look at it and maybe it doesn't make any sense.

But trust me, the NUVINCI is totally awesome!

What is it you ask? Well... it's "the most practical, economical and universally adaptable continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission for human-powered and motor-powered vehicles and machines." Or to put it simply, it's the most efficient transmission I've ever seen.

Imagine riding a bike with no annoying gear shifts, no loss of energy or speed. Zero wear or tear. Smooth like butter. Switch gears on a hill and the rotating balls in your gear hub torque to create or release the desired pressure, seamlessly. That's a more efficient and fun bike ride. And that's something we at SuperForest love!

Now imagine the same technology in the transmission of your car. Or a boat. Or a wind turbine. Not only do you get a smoother ride, you get more efficient motors that equal less fossil fuel consumption and potentially greater alternative energy output! That makes for an amazing invention. And it all came from the dream of an insurance agent with no scientific training. Literally, the guy had a dream where a spirit guide drew the original design for him. He woke up, copied it down, and hazaah... rotating balls!

Who said you can't reinvent the wheel?


(Jackson here. Wow Jordan, that's awesome. I said it before and I'll say it again: You had me at rotating balls. Love!)

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