Friday, September 5, 2008

War Makes Dollars. Peace Makes Sense.

Good Morning All!!!

SuperForester Andrew and I were having a conversation the other day about World War 4.
My opinion is that WW4 is being fought right now.

"Wait! Wait!" you're saying. "What was World War 3?"

Well, since the Vietnam war, the U.S. has been involved with a great number of minor wars around the world. These collectively can be referred to as World War 3.

World War 4 is going on right now, and it is my favorite war yet as it doesn't have to involve any violence.

To me, World War 4 is a war of ideas. You have ideas leaning towards further violence, and ideas leaning toward pacifism and sustainable behavior.

This war is being fought with branding. Who can create the stickiest brand? War, or Peace?

War as a brand has been successful for a long time. But today we find ourselves at a very interesting idea-crossing: Our former "enemies" are now worth much more to us, in a purely economic sense, alive rather than dead. So it stands to reason that our current enemies could feasibly become our economic partners in the near future.

The old way of thinking was: Sell arms.

Arms can be used to fight wars, and if you're in the business of moving product (i.e. weapons) then wars are essential to your continued growth.

As long as people are fighting, you can sell arms to both sides and you and your shareholders will make money.

The new way of thinking that is just poking its head above ground is this: Keep people alive for as long as you can, and sell them goods, services, and experiences for the duration.

Arms gets you big money in the short term.
Peace (vacations, growth, collaboration,) gets you less money up front, but far more money in the long term.


The higher ups are beginning to realize that they can improve their bottom line with a platform of extended Peace.

I mean, if someone is going to live to a hundred and fifty, imagine how many pairs of pants they'll have to buy! How many vacations they'll take! Great news if you're in the business of selling pants or packaging vacations.

Terrible news if you're in the business of blowing humans up.

There is so much money to be made in extending life and amusing humanity that it's not even funny.

So World War Four is a Soft Revolution. No violence, just ideas.

Who has the best ideas wins.

War, violence, and aggression are old ways of thinking.

We'd never be so glib as to say that war never solved anything, or that no good has ever come of war.
My point is that since the invention of nuclear weapons, War is an artifact.

One goes, we all go.

(Who'd have thought that the Bomb would be the great equalizer? The ultimate peacemaker?)

So, here we are in 2008. I can sit here at my desk and chat with my friends all over the globe, people who 60 years ago, would've been my enemies.

Now I have no enemies, only collaborators and friends.

What a wonderful place to be!

Join us in the Soft Revolution. All that I ask is that you use your head, ask questions, and be peaceful in thought and action.

We here at SuperForest will always be on the side of Thought.

Our tools are humor, enthusiasm, and diplomacy. That's all we need.

Peace as a brand is sexy in a way war never ever can be.

Be excellent to each other.

Love to All,



Anonymous said...

I like it.

-dan b.

spoon said...

Beautiful post. Well done!

Rowena said...

I agree wit u

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Go Jackson!