Thursday, September 11, 2008

Camden Rose Toys and The Little Seed

Good Morning,

I was feeling like we needed a good old fashioned Yo-Yo. So, I ordered one this one (with a bunch of other awesome things) from The Little Seed in LA. 

The Little Seed is my new favorite kid store. They've got the nicest selection of eco-friendly and organic kid products. And not to be a "name dropper" but it was opened by two new mothers, Paige Goldberg Tolmach and Soleil Moon Frye. Remember her? Punky Brewster! Who didn't love Punky Brewster? She had style...

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked...

These Yo-Yo's are made by a company called Camden Rose, based in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

" We seek to create and sell honest children’s items with quality materials and craftsmanship. We choose to market responsibly, enable the customer to work with a person not a business, support our community both financially and physically, replace what we remove from the environment, and promote the love of learning and living.
Our toys are constructed to last through multiple generations and the materials that make up the toys are gathered through organized sustainability programs. We use the highest quality materials, all certified non-toxic. Toys made from natural materials such as wood, silk, wool or beeswax have a warm and honest quality that does not give a false impression of weight, mass or touch. It is our responsibility to provide an environment that tells the story of our world honestly and at the same time protects that world.
Each item that we sell is meticulously constructed by craftspeople that specialize in their art. Our items are not mass-produced, rather they are created one-by-one, the old-fashioned way. Each item that we offer has been child tested and approved for safety, functionality and form."

They've got a great selection of toys for kids that will definitely last generations.

The Little Seed carries a bunch of their products. Also, check out The Little Seed's blog-it's my new fav! Check out this post, where someone wrote in with an Arts and Crafts project for kids of turning trash into great toys!

Great store with great products. I'm glad I found them and I'm glad I can share this info. 

Have a great day.


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