Thursday, September 11, 2008

Green Crude - Total Petroleum Replacement with Algae!

At last we can eat our soybeans and corn!

SuperForester Jesse just sent us a link to a company called Green Crude.
Green Crude is working on a perfect replacement for petroleum using algae.

Why perfect? Because fuels made from algae can be produced, refined, transported and distributed using our existing infrastructure. The fuel produced using algae is called biopetroleum.

Now, food crops can be eaten and not tapped to make biofuels. Now we can use sugarcane to make sugar instead of ethanol.

Algae can be produced just about anywhere, and the system is totally scalable. Meaning it can be as big or as petite as is convenient.

Here's how it's done:

Algae is grown in a tank, using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and undrinkable water.
The algae is strained out and the fats contained within are used to create biopetroleum.

There are one or two steps we've not gone into, but that's pretty much it.

This is the one, folks.

The future is about electric and algaefuels.

Electricity from sustainable sources, and algaefuels courtesy of the sun.

What a wonderful world that will be!

Right now there are a few companies working the biopetroleum angle.

Here's a list from Earth2Energy that outlines quite a few of them:

GreenFuel Technologies.


Blue Marble Energy.

Inventure Chemical.


Live Fuels.

Solix Biofuels.

Aurora Biofuels.

Aquaflow Binomics.

Petro Sun.



Check these guys out.

This tech is going to be huge.