Thursday, December 11, 2008

9 Beet Stretch

Recently I have discovered a radio show on npr called Radio Lab. It breaths some of the very same essence we do here at SuperForest science, nature, art, technology and human achievement. I have downloaded all of the available podcasts and I listen to them on the way to work, on the way to the gym, on the way back to work and on the way home. I began feeling a little silly at first and couldn't stop thinking about my grandmama watching her "programs" but that quickly subsided when I stumbled upon this one episode in particular on TIME. Radio Lab does an amazing thing. They take a huge concept and ask simple, not so simple, fundamental questions, WHY and HOW. The TIME program contained a musical vein running through it that wonderfully illustrated their story. The music playing in between dialogue made my tears well and pour like Niagara! Beethoven's 9th symphony but THIS one was stretched from 70 minutes to 24 HOURS! A Scandinavian sound artist named Lief Inge has digitally stretched Beethoven's piece into a day long masterwork that gives the listener the impression that every moment in this 24 hour period is suspended in preclimax. It's called 9 Beet Stretch and you can listen to it



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