Monday, December 15, 2008


Have a Whirly Day!

It's called High-G Training. Jet pilots and Astronauts, among others, train in a small cockpit at the end of a large spinning centrifuge. Apparently, the breathing technique for the High G-Force Training is to forcefully say the word "hook". You take a big breath and say HOO- hold your breath for three seconds, contract every muscle in your body and finish with the K! and let the rest of the air out. And Repeat. Most lose consciousness around 12Gs. A 200 pound Man at this G Force weighs about 2500 pounds! Can you imagine having to be so conscious and in control of every muscle contraction and breath every minute of every day!?

Oh the beauty of the human body and its efficient and effective systems!



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allison said...

this is so cool and scary!!!!