Friday, December 12, 2008

Yes, harness MY energy, please!

Good Morning,

I had one of those "duh" moments a couple of days ago when I saw an article on Inhabitat titled "The World's First Energy Generating Revolving Door".

This article refers to a cafe in the Netherlands that installed revolving doors that generates energy from the people going in and out of the cafe. This energy is then given back to the coffee shop to be used.

Here at SF, we've been wondering why this technology, which has been developed for some time now, hasn't been put into effect in New York City. We have millions and millions of people revolving through subway turnstyles everyday and we could be harnessing our own energy.

Then, yesterday, Inhabitat posted about The East Japan Railway Company installing energy generating floors that will power the Tokyo Subways. They are using a technology called Piezoelectric flooring which they have been testing over the past year. Now, they have installed it in a Tokyo subway station to generate power for the ticket gates and display signs. They hope to generate enough power, in the future, to power their entire system.

I live in a major city where there is tons of waste. We never think about the fact that just by walking though doors, we are wasting energy. But now, with the technology advancing, there is a better way to generate renewable energy! We could harness our own energy by just walking through revolving doors and getting onto the subways.

Now, literally, we possess enough power that can actually make a difference. It's amazing to see the technology, that we all knew was out there, being utilized. Step by step (pun intended), we can save energy!

Thumbs up to Inhabitat for the news and images!
Thumbs up to progress! Please, bring this technology to New York!


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