Friday, December 19, 2008

The Millennium Seed Bank is a Non-Profit

Oh boy!

The Millennium Seed Bank is indeed a non-profit, and as to how much $$$ they need to continue operating, well, sayeth Rob Yates:

"As for how much money we need, that depends on how ambitious we are to conserve plants. Our aim beyond 2010 it to collect and conserve 25% of the world's plants. It would be a remarkable achievement: to think that we can save such a wealth of plantlife for generations to come. To fund this work over a 10 year period would cost around £12m a year. This would enable us to scale up our seed conservation programme significantly, saving more plant species, restoring habitats, to include training elements and the work we do overseas to build capacity with our partner countries. We believe it would be a small price to pay to conserve something so vital as plants and would be a sound investment for the future of the planet."

So, the bigger their budget, the more plant species they can preserve.
Cool, let's help them save one for now, and then if that works, maybe we'll save another...

Got a dollar? Help Save-A-Seed.
You can write it off.

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