Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dale Chihuly: Glass Artist Extraordinaire!

Lately I've been very interested in glass artists and their process. The delicacy that must be given to such a medium is intimidating and inspiring.  The artist must be patient and confident. It is such intricate and potentially harmful work, I cannot help but have profound respect for someone that can create this beautiful stuff from those conditions.

Dale Chihuly is one of these artists. He has work in museums all over the world. His sculptures reflect colorful scenes in nature. They interact with their surroundings by bringing life to any room they're in and and harmony to any natural setting. I would love to see one of these works in person.

The following is one installment at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

You can also check out a video about his work HERE (sorry, I can't embed this one)

Are there any SuperForester glass artists out there?  We'd love to be linked to your work!

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Anonymous said...

there are several pieces by dale chihuly at the national liberty museum in philadelphia. i visited several years ago and i remember his art more vividly than anything else in the museum, it's breathtaking.