Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EcoSystems - ION Salon NYC

The clever EcoSystems gents have done it again!

This time with the gorgeous sustainably-minded hair salon, ION, right here in NYC.

Check it out:

"At the TREE base on the lower level, the water runs along the 4 (four) back
washbasins, which are being complemented with “rocking” chairs, allowing the
clientele to sit back and relax, while looking up through interior skylights and
enjoying the sun light.

All the custom made furniture is bent wood, designed with soft rounded curves
giving ample comfort, and as well sinuosity all around the three main rooms,
poetically perceived as floating leaves coming from the tree.

Besides the nature of the line of products the salon implements (Davines), and
the clean energy resource that feeds the same (wind power), Ecosystems
material selection remarks the use of FSC certified wood, natural based coating
finishes, LED and compact fluorescent lighting, no VOC water base paints and
the optimizations of exposed existing natural materials on site.

Balancing a both sided strong effort, a strict timeline and an adjusted budget,
ION Salon was achieved under conscious and responsible guidelines to generate
what could be considered to become the first “Eco-Salon” in NYC."

-Pablo Souto

Yeah, sugar! If I had hair, I'd get it cut there!

EcoSystems is amazing.

Young, creative, and utterly dedicated to sustainability. If you need some furniture or interior design work done, and you don't mind on time and on budget, call EcoSystems, ask for SuperForester Matt, and tell 'em who sent ya!

Looky, EcoSystem dudes so cute:

Here are two more posts we've written about them: Bamba chair & Mini-Bamba.

Everywhere you look, it seems folks are getting down with sustainability. It makes for a good feeling in the wintry bones.



(all images courtesey of Ricardo Parra. Danke Ricardo!)

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