Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Modern Twists to the Traditional Menorah

Good Morning Fellow SuperForesters!

Chanukah is in full swing and in the thick of all of the Christmas blogging out there, it’s time we write a post on the Festival of Light, a holiday that’s also being referred to as “the most fuel efficient” (Eight days and one cruse of oil? Those are some serious conservation skills my friends). Yesterday, we learned of the modern twist those in Naples have given to their nativity scenes. In keeping with this theme, I noticed that designboom has recently posted a few modern takes on the traditional menorah. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Match Menorah

MIT’s Test Tube Menorah

It’s great to see what results when creativity and centuries of tradition collide. To see some of the other great menorahs I saw, click here.

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