Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advertising on SuperForest?

Good Evening SuperForest,

Jackson here.
I've said previously that I'd prefer never to have advertising on this site, for a number of aesthetic, moral, annoyance-avoiding reasons.

That said, SF needs to start supporting itself.

We have a good site here. We do good work. If there was a way that we could continue to spread the word about sustainable achievements and inspiration, and not let SF get cluttered with banner ads and pop-ups, I would happily consider it.

What I want to know is: What do you think?

Is it that big a deal to have advertising on a site? And if you say yes, what/who do you think we should advertise? If no, why not?

Could we avoid advertising altogether and use a Radiohead-esque tip jar situation?

Let's figure this thing out.

Either comment in the comments section at the bottom, or send an email to superforestnyc(at)gmail(dot)com.




Kuenz said...

I don't think advertising is a huge deal, as long as there is some consideration going on as to what products/services are being advertised. I wouldn't mind seeing ads for products whose purposes are parallel to the Superforest mission. Double bonus is that it might open my awareness to products and services that offer me a friendlier alternative to ones I already use.
Bottom line, I love SuperForest. It brightens my day, opens my eyes, increases my awareness, and constantly reminds me of the many amazing people and things that occupy our world. For that to continue, I'd be willing to see some ads.

Keep up the great work, SuperForest! And most of all, thank you!

Anonymous said...

wouldnt have a problem with decent ads as well... an ad for the new superbig ford-truck would be slightly odd, but environmental organisations like surfrider-foundation etc would fit perfectly. would be their target group anyway...

keep it up!
why ads anyway? costs?