Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Driving on the Highway Creates New Energy?

The news for recently developed ways to harness energy doesn't stop! Just last week I posted about harnessing energy from revolving doors in a cafe in the Netherlands and about the Toyko subway stations that are harnessing energy from the floors, as people pass through.

Now, with similar technology that is being used in Tokyo, they are testing a roadway next month in Israel that can create energy from the motion of the cars on a highway.

"Engineers at Innowattech in Israel recently created a new type of road that generates electricity as vehicles pass over it! The supercharged surface is embedded with piezoelectric crystals, which transform kinetic energy from passing vehicles into an electrical current. With widespread adoption, the technology could feed energy back into the nation’s burgeoning electric vehicle grid, transforming congested roadways into a clean green source of energy."


Thanks, once again, Inhabitat for the heads up!


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