Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Giant Gummi Bear

A Gummi bear (sometimes spelled gummy bear) is a small, rubbery-textured confectionery, roughly two centimetres long, shaped in the form of a bear.
So a gummi bear is a small piece of candy. It was first produced by the German firm that goes by the name of Haribo. It may not be as well known in America, but it is in Europe. Throughout the continent the German company sells their 'rubbery-textured confectionery'. And everyone knows it. Here's a picture of a common bowl with gummi bears.

So these are about two centimeters long.
The common gummi bear started to bore me for a bit after almost seventeen years of experience with it. Good for me the American store Vat19 designed something more exciting. "The Giant Gummi Bear: World's Largest Gummi Bear, on a stick!"
This 'big brother' equals 88 tiny bears and weighs about half a pound (that's almost a fourth of a kilogram). But the best part is... that it's on a stick! Awesome.


Lauralee said...

You can find a few Haribo products in the US but it is very difficult, and usually is special ordered.

When I went to Germany in May, we went to a Haribro stand (in a train station because it was a Sunday so everything was closed), and they had gummy Smurfs,butterflies,snakes,frogs,flowers, just about anything really.

The best thing about Haribo is how fresh everything is. Oh and the candy machine at the airport was filled with bags of gummy candy, and a few candy bars.

spoon said...

That. is. AWESOME.

The next step? Giant Sour Gummy Worms!