Thursday, December 11, 2008


Wow, it's only 10 AM on the west coast and what productive day already for Team SuperForest. There are so many diverse and fascinating posts today, which I hope everyone scrolls down to read. I'll try to keep mine short.

"Scientists develop software that can map dreams"!

So writes the UK Telegraph today who reports on a team of Japanese scientists who have developed a technology that capable of illustrating images taken directly from human beings during sleep. Meaning it can actually playback your dreams!

WHAT you ask? HOW is this possible?

When hooked up, this neurological device captures and reconstructs electrical signals from the brain. Signals send to our brains from our eyes that "see" images while we sleep (remember REM sleep stands for rapid eye movement). These captured electical signals are then reconstituted onto a computer screen. Amazing!

So far the computer is capable only of illustrating simple images, but in time it may well be able to playback the full cinematic scope of our dreams.

I'd love to see what my kittens are snoozing about.

Thanks to Elizabeth Leach gallery for the dream image.

The future is now!

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tvieger said...

This dream boat stuff is so cool I can't even take it! Sorry to keep harping on Radio Lab but you would totally love the episode on why we sleep and dream!