Thursday, December 11, 2008

AmeriKiva, (or New YorKiva)

I was just wondering: Is there a Kiva-type organization for helping Americans in need?

If you aren't familiar, Kiva is a company that deals out microloans to people around the world who need start up funds for small businesses.

I totally understand that the relative strength of the dollar vs. local currency, coupled with a far lower cost of living means that our money makes a larger difference in the lives of those not residing in the U.S. but that doesn't mean I care any less.

I would love to be able to contribute to AmeriKiva, or New YorKiva. To help the people that I see everyday that are in need would make me feel really good. I can think of four folks right off the top of my head that could definitely use a microloan. Heck, make it a macroloan.

The will is there to help those less fortunate, is there an effective and modern way?

If not, well, I suppose we'll have to investigate the feasibility of starting one.

In the meantime, here is the Kiva site.



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