Monday, December 29, 2008

Abraham Lincoln: Coolest President Ever?

The days before inauguration day are winding down (22 days!) and as the anticipation grows, people are increasingly talking about what President-Elect Obama will bring to the White House. Yes, we expect him to bring his wisdom, visions and plans for a better tomorrow, and his practical leadership skills, but we also expect him to bring that deep sense of “coolness” that we saw throughout the campaign season; a pervading sense of calmness that has deemed him the title of being a smooth operator.

Which brings up a simple question, surely President Obama cannot be the only cool president we’ve ever had…can he?

I went back a few years scoping the 43 presidents we’ve had so far and then I saw him…Abraham Lincoln! I’ve always considered Abraham Lincoln to be one of my favorite Presidents for many reasons but I never exactly thought of him as a cool person…that is, until I saw these…

As you can see, throughout his younger years, Abe rocked edgy long hair and a leather jacket before donning the top hat and a suit.

Also, Abraham Lincoln loved to crank some tunes.

President-Elect Obama, it looks like you’ve got some big shoes to fill. I can’t wait to see how your candidacy will “out-cool” Lincoln’s.

Have a Happy Monday!

(If anyone knows the original geniuses that conjured up these images, let us know because those people deserve mad props.)

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